Garden Chairs

Oea Modern Living gives you a wide range of Teak Garden Chairs to add style to your garden, restaurant, or hotel. We will help you complete the exact look you want. With such affordable prices, you will want more than just garden chairs?

Alex Folding Arm Chair

H:90 D:42 W:60

Alis Folding Arm Chair

H:90 D:42 W:60

Arona Recliner Chair

H:109 D:52 W:62

Kingston Folding Chair

H:90 D:42 W:51

Java Arm Chair

H:90 D:50 W:60

Venice Batyline Stacking Chair

H:90 D:51 W:58

Malibu Recliner Chair

H:110 D:51 W:62

Alex Folding Chair

H:90 D:42 W:51

Alis Folding Chair

H:90 D:42 W:51

Arona Batyline Folding Arm Chair

H:90 D:42 W:60

Kingston Recliner Chair

H:109 D:52 W:62

Vegas Stacking Chair

H:91 D:47 W:58

Neo Stacking Chair

H:91 D:51 W:58

Metro Recliner Chair

H:109 D:51 W:62

Classic Recycle Chair

H:87 D:45 W:47

Alex Recliner Chair

H:110 D:50 W:62

Arona Folding Arm Chair

H:90 D:42 W:60

Arona Batyline Folding Chair

H:90 D:42 W:51

Kingston Folding Arm Chair

H:90 D:42 W:60

Eton Batyline recliner Chair

H:109 D:51 W:62

Harold Folding Arm Chair

H:85 D:42 W:60

Fun Arm  Chair

H:76 D:47 W:52

Alila S/S Stacking Chair

H:88 D:44 W:58

Arona Folding Chair

H:90 D:42 W:51

Director Batyline Chair

H:84 D:46 W:56

Florida Recliner Chair

H:109 D:51 W:62

Garden Arm Chair

H:90 D:55 W:60

Harold Folding Chair

H:85 D:42 W:51

Tali Arm  Chair

H:92 D:50 W:55